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Tower Balconies

Waterproofing Aquafin 

Residential Terrace

Miami Beach Vulken 

Emerald Lake Plaza

Removing and re-caulking exterior windows at office building.

Henry Pumadeq Waterproofing

Symphony Park Hotel. Interstitial space areas

Essex Tower

Expansion joint EJ-500 with Carlisle system

City Place Doral

Expansion joints floor to floor with cover plate.
Expansion  joint floor to walls. 

Indochino project

Epoxy Floor finish

Residence Roof tile painting

Residential roof painting only, no commercial.

Tremco Vulkem Waterproofing

 Parking garage and Ramp

Terraces at Turnberry

Waterproofing on interior floor and walls Planter. Material: Tremproof 250 GC with Protection mat.

La Colonia Pequeña Habana

Waterproofing Tremco Vulkem 350/346 on Stairs.


Waterproofing application

South Dade Government Center



Expansion joint wall to wall

Terrace Waterproof

Terrace 2nd floor. Vulkem